Foolish Green presents their new single “Twelve”

Foolish Green will present their new single “Twelve”.
The song will be available on and

„An essential message and a musical admonition to society’s authoritarian element, the establishment of misanthropy in the pyramidal system. Yes, ‘the ones’ that hung mankind, chained it in fetters of slavery and inflicted the reigning madness. ‘The ones’ that reduced life to surviving. ‘The ones’ that deprived humanity of its right to believe and its ‘right to be right’. ‘The ones’ that bitterly squeezed the old man. Of the virus in the living civil tissue that leads to ever greater chaos, we must slowly and consciously cure ourselves. The beast is already at large, the clock ticking steady as ever, and the scourge awaiting. The doors are open, obstacles rising. In ‘their’ ears there is no melody, only yelling and noise from the unheard. Wave the flag of love; she is, and therefore keeps us alive. For, like the twelve monkeys, you are no longer safe.
They live, but we aren’t sleeping anymore.“

Composed, produced and arranged by: Nenad Stefanoski
Vocal, Guitar : Nenad Stefanoski
Gutar: Darko Stojoski
Bass Guitar : Teodor Boskov
Drums: Dejan Jefremov

Drums recorded by Goce Trpkov (Dj Goce S.A.F. / Bootlegz Basement Lab )
Mix and Mastering : Darko Spasovski – Packi
Cover Design: Miki Stefanoski