“Soul Revival” – new single from Foolish Green

The new single for the upcoming second album is officially out! After 3 years from the band's last release, the opening track "Soul Revival" from the upcoming second album if finally here. You can find the full video on the official YouTube channel. Composed and produced by: Nenad Stefanoski Video edited by: Dragan Spasov

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Foolish Green presents their new single “Twelve”

Foolish Green will present their new single "Twelve". The song will be available on www.youtube.com and www.soundcloud.com „An essential message and a musical admonition to society's authoritarian element, the establishment of misanthropy in the pyramidal system. Yes, ‘the ones’ that hung mankind, chained it in fetters of slavery and inflicted the reigning madness. ‘The ones’ that reduced life to surviving. ‘The ones’ that deprived humanity of its right to believe and its ‘right to be right’. ‘The ones’ that bitterly squeezed the old man. Of the virus in the living...

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Foolish Green with gigs in den Haag and Tilburg / the Netherlands

After the performances on almost all musical festivals in Republic of Macedonia, “Foolish Green” this weekend will go the Netherlands where they will have two concerts. On Friday, the band is going to perform in the club “No Sikiriki” in Tilburg , and on Saturday, they will perform in The Hague on the “Streets Festival”. This will be Foolish Green’s first concert promotion in some of the Wester-European countries which came up on their agenda after publishing their great debut album called “Escape”. The album that was released on March...

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The yearning is always there to escape into the depths of yourself, into your inner world. The craving desire to run free in your fantasies, to relax and daydream in your tree house where no disease nor doubt ever reside, where time stands still and no harm or injury can come to you, nor shall you ever be rudely awaken from the splendor of the reverie, when you dream but don’t sleep. There you may escape from the responsibilities that are imposed on you; you may even escape madness, love or some of your fears. You live in the constant struggle to escape from the collective reality they force on you, from the injustices and absurdities of this world, to escape from everything and everyone that is suffocating you! All this in the hope that you’ll grow to be the self-conscious and special one.

Ultimately, you strive to soar and go beyond the restricting boundaries both of the material world and the silence of the afterlife. You wish to become invisible, shapeless, to turn into water that feels no pain and slowly melt into the ocean of music.

“The world is never quiet, even its silence eternally resounds with the same notes, in vibrations which escape our ears. As for those that we perceive, they carry sounds to us, occasionally a chord, never a melody” – Albert Camus


Produced, written and composed by : Nenad Stefanoski (Foolish Green)
Mixed and mastered by : Darko Spasovski – Packi
Bass Guitar by : Teodor Boskov
Cover Design : Miki Stefanoski
Laika single released 17.12.2012


She is an alien that suddenly wakes up in Russia! Completely frightened by the human race, she hides inside one alley and eats tangerine (yes, she adores tangerines). Why does she hate people?

Well, I met her lonely, on one cloudy morning and I instantly fell head over hills in love. I was hoping that she shared the same emotions… I followed her as she was persistently running away. My love didn’t believed that I would provide her peace and a safe refuge, which she desperately needed. She didn’t had a clue that if I had, I would reach every single planet in the Universe just to prove my appreciation, love and concern about her – the same way as I at that time, did not knew that she’s an embodiment of the spirit of Laika the dog (the Russian dog that was launched into space on rocket Sputnik 2).

The space-dog cosmonaut’s destiny was predetermined: without any chance of escape, it was sent to reach and gain new knowledge and experience for the “intelligent” human race. She burned into the atmosphere of our “love” towards the Science.

At this time, we still keep wandering why does not Laika has trust in anyone or anything, and why is she still running away. So, now the only chance we have is to persuade her that after all, now we are more HUMAN beings than we used to be. That in most of us, lies a cosmonaut that primarily need to win the unknown spaces of his/her own soul. To prove that we do know how to love – Foolish Green.

Sun Is Gone

All songs written, arranged and produced by Nenad Stefanovski
Additional guitars on 01. by Davor Stojanovski and on 04. by Adi Imeri
Additional backing vocals on 04. by Snezana Matovska
Bass Guitar on 01, 02, and 03 by Martin Josifovski
Mixed and produced by Darko Spasovski – Packi
Cover design by Miki Stefanovski
Sun is Gone EP released by MTV Adria 16.07.2012

Sun Is Gone

Foolish Green’s music and crew turned up based on the intuitive-spontaneous-empiristic inner feeling featuring acoustic instruments with some trusty analogue effects and untrusty computer. Using alternative methods of recording and creating harmonic voices over the musical structures, makes them entirely different from the rest of the local music scene. Foolish Green (Nenad Stefanoski) debut album “Escape” is realeased in March 2013 through Password Production. In May this year Exit.Label from Novi Sad released it as a free download. From the outset, a stream of seven men joined the idea called “Escape”. They contributed primarily with their empiricism. Foolish Green’s own produce reflect the wide variety of influences and breach psychedelic pop and rock’n’roll genres.

What media says?

… if I ever had sex in space, the background music would be this album

4/5, naslovi.net

In the center of this “Escape” is “Laika”, the first single from the album, which sounds like a tea party with the Mad Hatter, that actually reveals a sincere sexual fantasy

– 4/5, balkanrock.com

If they are coming from Britain, they would have been “the best band in the world “a little more time than it needs new NME to comes out

- 4/5, muzika.hr

The greatest triumph of Foolish Green is that the album is throwing fragments of reality and thus creates deep inspirational escapism

- 8/10, terapija.net

For the Macedonian rock scene” Escape” presents a white glove toward musical infidels. Everyone which will accept the duel would gain “a present ” and the disobedient ones, a slap

- novamakedonija.com.mk

… “Laika” was a real hit. Situated in the very middle of the album, this song’s sounds evoke the Beatles from their late drug stages

- potlista.com



Bon Voyage

Fade Away / Escape

Lover Doll

Soul Revival

Sun Is Gone

Thousand Years Of Sorrow


  • Friday, 17.05.2019
    Skopje Unplugged Festival
    City Mall Skopje
  • Thursday, 09.06.2016
    Plaja Vista
  • Saturday, 16.01.2016
    Dancing Hall, MKC
  • Friday, 25.12.2015
    Dancing Hall, MKC
  • Friday, 27.11.2015
    Kino Frosina, MKC, Taksirat Pin Music Conference
  • Friday, 16.10.2015
    Studio Club Tetovo
  • Friday, 16.10.2015
    Zagreb KSET
    Zagreb, Croatia
  • Saturday, 03.10.2015
    Waves Bratislava 2015
    Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Saturday, 18.07.2015
    D Festival
  • Tuesday, 02.06.2015
    KC Grad
    Belgrade, Serbia
  • Saturday, 15.02.2014
    Centar Za Kultura
  • Saturday, 16.11.2013
    Streets Festival
    Hague, The Netherlands
  • Friday, 15.11.2013
    No Sikiriki
    Tilburg, The Netherlands
  • Friday, 30.08.2013
    Slobodna Zona Fest
    Vinica, Macedonia
  • Friday, 23.08.2013
    Joy Festival
    Kriva Palanka, Macedonia
  • Friday, 02.08.2013
    Plasica Beer Fest
    Ohrid, Macedonia
  • Thursday, 27.06.2013
    Revolution Fest
    Kumanovo, Macedonia
  • Tuesday, 25.06.2013
    Sound of Green
    Skopje, Macedonia
  • Saturday, 15.06.2013
    Busker Fest
    Skopje, Macedonia
  • Saturday, 25.05.2013
    Aqua Park Fest
    Probistip, Macedonia
  • Saturday, 06.04.2013
    Dom na mladi
    Stip, Macedonia
  • Friday, 05.04.2013
    Meze bar Kingston
    Struga, Macedonia
  • Saturday, 16.03.2013
    Kino Frosina, MKC
    Skopje, Macedonia
  • Friday, 15.03.2013
    Kino Frosina, MKC
    Skopje, Macedonia
  • Saturday, 24.11.2012
    PinMusic Conference, Dom Na ARM
    Skopje, Macedonia
  • Tuesday, 23.10.2012
    Skopje, Macedonia